Esohe Oaikhena

Esohe is a qualified Biomedical scientist with some years of experience of working in the laboratory. She currently runs the salon and ensures that its day to day activities run smoothly

David UWAKWE (Kennedy)
Manager & Senior Barber

Kennedy has over 13 years experience as a barber. He is very skilled and can cut all types of hair. His positive energy is infectious. He is very receptive, humble and always happy. All Kennedy cares about is making customers happy with the hair cut he provides. He plays lots of good music with good jokes to follow. Come to Coal City Barbers and Beauty Ltd and say hello!


Christine has over 10 years experience as a Hairdresser. She is good in all types of hair and hairstyles. She would make you feel comfortable and deliver her service with utmost professionalism.

Mr. Kieran

Kieran has 8 years experience in barbering. He is an expert in bald fades. He cuts all hair types. He is very admirable and willing to listen to customers and give them what they want.